Arkas Maritime History Center’s mission is to enlighten its visitors, especially the young public about maritime history through its collection of marine paintings, ship models and nautical objects.

Guided tours for different age groups aim at promoting an awareness for maritime culture, protecting the environment and keeping the seas clean. Tours are accompanied by an instructor,  offering young visitors discover maritime history by seeing, listening and practising creative drama methods where they have the chance to learn maritime terms and marine related information.  Guided tours at Arkas Maritime History Center contribute to children’s museum awareness and integrate museums to their educational lives. During the guided tours, children’s notion of aesthetics improve as the experience requires them to use their senses, and encourage them to analyse and interpret an art piece. Furthermore, they are able to discover different fields of art simultaneously thanks to the variety of objects on display. The guided tours provide children a joyful experience where they discover new art forms and acquaint with maritime history.