Founder’s Message

I have always been interested in the sea and everything related with the sea. Years ago, I saw a ship model of HMS Victory by Engin Alsan. I was so much impressed that I ordered my first ship model eventually. This interest which turned into a passion, inspired me to constitute a collection consisting of 400 unique pieces, each of which left a remarkable trace in history.

Shaped in skilled hands, these ship models revive the legendary ships from history. I would like to once again offer my gratitude to our ship model masters Metin Gürkan, Bedri Selay, Ergin Bürge, Azmi Beydeş, Nezih Bekat, Alpay Türkekul, Coşkun Güreli and Engin Alsan.

These ship models have initially been exhibited in Arkas Holding and subsidiary buildings, and in the mean time, the collection gradually flourished with new ship models, ship antiques and marine paintings.

Embodying a legacy of hundreds of years of maritime heritage, I attach great importance to this collection to shed light on maritime history and to show developments in the maritime industry. In line with this objective, I wanted to give life to this collection in a special place to share it with a wider audience.

Through ship models and paintings, the collection invites the visitors to witness the stories of maritime history starting from 3000 B.C. to the present day, as well as providing an opportunity to enjoy beauty created by art, artisanry, skill and patience.

I am delightful that all these unique pieces have been brought to life at Maritime History Center.

Lucien Arkas
Arkas Holding Chairman