Charles Edward DIXON (1872-1934) “The Bustling River below Tower Bridge”
Mixed technique on paper (1903), 70.5 x 126 cm
Henry MOORE (1831-1895) “Shipwreck”
Oil on canvas (1876) 59 x 99 cm
Christian MOLSTED (1862-1930) “Harbor Sunrise”
Oil on canvas (1907), 40.6 x 48.1 cm
Vilhelm ARNESEN (1865-1948) “The Battle of Oaland, June 1st 1876”
Watercolour on paper, 114 x 166 cm
İsmail HAKKI (1863-1926) “SMS Deutschland”
Watercolour on paper, 39.5 x 58.5 cm
Paul Léon JAZET (1848-1918) “The Death of Lord Nelson”
Oil on canvas (1882), 106 x 156.5 cm
George Clarkson STANFIELD (1828-1878) “Battle of Trafalgar, October 1805”
Oil on canvas, 60.3x90.8 cm
İsmail Hakkı (1863-1926) “Turkish Cruiser of Ottoman Navy in Stormy Waters”
Gouache (1908), 66x38 cm
Charles Napier HEMY (1841-1917) “Fishing Boat”
Oil on canvas (1899), 50 x 77 cm.
Frank H. MASON (1876-1965) “Yachts Racin”
Oil on canvas, 36 x 53 cm
Michael Zeno DIEMER (1867-1939) “View of the Bosporus Strait and Istanbul with Hagia Sophia and The Blue Mosque”
Oil on canvas, 110.5 x 110.5 cm
Charles Edward DIXON (1872-1934) “Tower of London”
Watercolour on paper, 49 x 74.6 cm
Jules Pierre DIETERLE (1811-1889) “Panorama of the Naval Base at Toulon”
Oil on canvas, 80x150 cm
Charles Edward DIXON(1872-1934) “The Battle of Trafalgar”
Watercolor (1903), 89.9x180.3 cm
Reinhold Hansche “Keiser Wilhelm's yachts Keiseradler and Hohenzollern II in Istanbul”
Oil on canvas, 62x48 cm
Charles Edward DIXON (1872-1934) “The Liner Erda”
Watercolour on paper (1898), 55.5 x 39 cm
Christian MOLSTED (1862-1930) “Ship ‘Christianus Quintus’: The Breakthrough in the Battle of Koge Bay on July 1st 1677”
Oil on canvas (1919/1920), 179 x 138 cm
Sami YETİK (1878-1945) “Ship in Port”
Oil on canvas, 96.5 x 40 cm
Diyarbakırlı TAHSİN (1875-1937) “Gülcemal”
Oil on canvas (1929), 50 x 70 cm
Michael Zeno DIEMER ( 1867-1939) “Nelson's H.M.S. Victory, Firing a Salute As She Approaches the Fleet Before Trafalgar”
Oil on canvas, 61x81.4 cm